Saturday, April 2, 2016


Procrastination. That is the name of my game. This entire trip has been amazing and yet every night I would put off writing a blog post for one reason or another. I have seen God move in ways that are unimaginable and yet I was waiting for another miracle around the next corner. Then it happened. I cried. I shared my testimony, tried to hold it together, and I cried. Regardless of the state I was in, I knew I was there to serve. So I did what I wanted to do. I wiped my tears, I put on my big girl pants, and I went out and shared the love of Christ. I did what I was supposed to be doing every single day and the feeling came so naturally. It was like I wasn’t even there. The entire room was praying for the men at the rehab center we did ministry at, as well as each other. By the chorus of the song Dara was singing, you could literally reach your hand out and feel the presence of God. Simply amazing. Then it happened. I cried again. Only this time, I was not the only one. The whole room was wiping away tears. We took a picture, climbed in the vans, and got ready to go eat a well-deserved dinner... only the universe had other plans for me...
A feeling that is not uncommon here in Mexico is to always feel like something is crawling on you. Usually it is sweat. This time? An actual bug. Ants. Fire Ants. My legs are on fire and I do not thing Dara and I have screamed so much in our lives. They say you either have a good time or a great story. This time? I had both. Just maybe not at the same time.

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