Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some More Pics!

On the jobsite today mixing concrete. Our team worked for hours making sure the roof of the house was finished before we called it a day.
Connor giving his testimony to a plaza full of people, sharing about God's work in his life and encouraging those listening to look to the Lord for help.

Drama's communicate even through a language barrier.  The Lord moved and spoke to those in the crowd tonight.  Many asked for prayer and many came to know Him!
We don't do this alone.  We have linked up with a group of Mexican teenagers this week and have been serving alongside each other as we minister here.  Great friendships and great purpose!


Hola amigos! Hello friends!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the last four days of our trip here in Cancun. During the trip, we have been partnering with the students from VidaLife group. They are a group of teens that we have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. There was a language barrier between us on the first day, but I started to use my language skills and talk to them in Spanish while also teaching them English words and phrases. I love working with them on the work site and having the chance to get to know them and their stories.
The team and I also had a chance to do a program in a plaza down the street from our hotel. There were many people there to see us. At first, it was a little frightening to be in front of a large crowd, but as the night continued, we were able to perform dramas, worship the Lord, and shared our stories with the people there. At the end, there were a couple of people who made the decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior (This was an amazing blessing) and I had a chance to pray for others in need.
It has been a successful four days with this awesome team that I have loved and continue to grow with each and every day as we are here serving our God. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us this week and I ask that you would continue to keep us in your prayers as this missions trip is continuing.

Much love,


So were about halfway through our trip right now and it has been amazing to see what God has been up to. We have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the youth from the church here and I have made a lot of major compadres (best friends) haha. It’s been really cool to connect with other students, joke around with them and truly break the language barrier. And it has been really beneficial to my Spanish skills!
Tonight we did ministry right outside of a big plaza and performed dramas, songs, and testimonies. After we also had the opportunity to pray over people. It was really amazing to see how God used us to speak to these people and hopefully change their lives forever. I’m so thankful for these opportunities to grow in my confidence and faith and I hope these are things I can bring back home with me.

Much love,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Waking up everyday in a new country is hard, but I realize why I am here and see that it is a blessing.
The amount of work we've already put in is amazing, to be welcomed by the locals and to see their smiling faces, is up lifting. Its very hard to keep up sometimes, but with all the support from this team there is no soilder left behind (but for some reason I keep leaving my water bottle behind! hahaha, literally I lose it everyday , but my leaders are always there for me to get me a new one).
I came up with a saying ,and it is “YOMO’’( you're only in Mexico once) which is my way of saying "you're only going to serve these great people once so make it worth it".
I am so so so thankful for all the support that was given to me , because without it I would not be able to be here and make an impact of supporting the locals, losing water bottles, or seeing God use his great power to heal.


The unpredictability and flexibility of this trip so far is astounding and intense. Although we prepared for this trip for months, developing our dynamic as a team and what we should expect during this trip, what we have done in the first 3 days have set a steadfast feeling of fulfillment and give me nothing but satisfying hope of what’s to come. I have made so many wonderful connections, although a language barrier stood between me and the people of Cancun. I am truly blessed to be here and look forward to what the rest of the week has in store for me and the team. I’m ready to talk to people using my broken Spanish, and to mix cement and do some hard physical labor! It’s a new and exciting territory here in Mexico! And I’m enjoying every second of it!! J

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Some Pics!

Some of the Mexico Leadership praying over our student team on Monday evening. 
Please join with us as we ask the Holy Spirit to move in and through our team.

Sharing dinner with a group of Mexican teens Tuesday evening

Chriss S

  Hey all!
The team and I just finished our first full day in Mexico. We got to mix concrete to help lay the foundations for a house, as well as go out into the surrounding village and talk to the locals and invite them to a program we will be putting on tomorrow.
In the evening we got to practice our dramas and hang out with the teens from Tree of Life. This was really cool as last time I went on this trip, we didn’t get the opportunity to really network with people our age. I so excited for the rest of the week and seeing what God will do through us as a team.



Hey guys!
Today was the first full day in Mexico and it felt like I’ve been here forever! We mixed cement for a family’s roof. The missionaries there already built a floor for them and decided they needed a roof too. It was surprisingly fun. At first it was really hard and then I got the feel of it. It was very, very hot and I was sweating BUCKETS but it felt so fulfilling knowing that we were doing it for a family who needed it.
After work we had tacos at the YWAM staff team house and they were so good! Later on we worked on some skits with a few of the missionaries here and it was so fun! We used puppets and that was really great! I learned that being a puppeteer can make your arm really sore but it was worth it.
Before dinner we met up with some of the teens who live here and Mexico and are also doing missions work. We played a game to try and remember each other’s names… I wasn’t that good at it haha! We listened to worship music and a few of the girls and I danced a dance that we learned a long time ago to the song Lord you are good even though we couldn’t remember half of the steps. We went out to dinner after that with the teens and I was really nervous because I don’t know a lot of Spanish but in a weird way it broke the ice. We were both struggling to understand each other and it ended in a good amount of miscommunications, laughs, and we began to understand each other. I had a huarache for the first time today and it was
The day ended with cake and everyone singing happy birthday to me. All in all today was a great day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey y'all!
We finally made it after what felt like years sitting in the seat of an airplane! When we landed it didn't finally hit me that we are here in Mexico and it still hasn't. The humidity was a slap in the face as soon as you hopped off the plane. Seeing the tons of people walking through the streets was a bit shocking, because in America we have smaller cities and towns and never this many people all out at the same time.
After we got settled in our room, we headed out to dinner. The food definitely tastes so much better and way more fresh than America (no offense I still love you America).
I'm looking forward to ministering to the older students here and just hanging out with them. I'm hoping they'll be grateful to get a chance to spend time with some kids their ages, no matter the language barrier.
Pastor Mike told me today that you were to give your whole life to Christ and not just give half of it. That really speaks to me because I was only, and sometimes still, give half of my life to Christ. I realize that I need to get my whole life to Christ, because he gives me all of him, so I have to give him all of me.
So give your whole life to Christ.

Nadia <3


We made it!
After a four hour flight and lack of sleep we are here in Mexico, FINALLY! I've been waiting for months go on this trip and I feel so extremely blessed to be here. This is my third time in Mexico and it's a crazy feeling to be back. We call the hotel we stay at "home", because that's what it feels like. Something I'm hoping happens while we are here is to just connect on a deeper level with God and the kids here. I want to inspire these kids and show them to God. Tonight during our mission leader Mike's message he preached that we don't need to have a certain quality or talent in order to show others to God. This means a lot to me because I really want to reach out to other, but I haven't really known how to show God's love. I've learned that I don't need to have anything except God in my heart and a bit of courage.
From ya girl,

Here we go!

Ready, set, go!
Our team has been preparing. They have been packing. And they have been praying!
We are looking forward to seeing what these next 9 days will hold. My hope and prayer for this team is that they will put themselves in the same position of service that Jesus does as he shows His love.
Please keep looking here for all of our updates and stories. We appreciate all the love and support you have shown to us. We leave fully funded and fully expectant.

Can't wait to see what the Lord does!