Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey y'all!
We finally made it after what felt like years sitting in the seat of an airplane! When we landed it didn't finally hit me that we are here in Mexico and it still hasn't. The humidity was a slap in the face as soon as you hopped off the plane. Seeing the tons of people walking through the streets was a bit shocking, because in America we have smaller cities and towns and never this many people all out at the same time.
After we got settled in our room, we headed out to dinner. The food definitely tastes so much better and way more fresh than America (no offense I still love you America).
I'm looking forward to ministering to the older students here and just hanging out with them. I'm hoping they'll be grateful to get a chance to spend time with some kids their ages, no matter the language barrier.
Pastor Mike told me today that you were to give your whole life to Christ and not just give half of it. That really speaks to me because I was only, and sometimes still, give half of my life to Christ. I realize that I need to get my whole life to Christ, because he gives me all of him, so I have to give him all of me.
So give your whole life to Christ.

Nadia <3

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