Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hey guys!
Today was the first full day in Mexico and it felt like I’ve been here forever! We mixed cement for a family’s roof. The missionaries there already built a floor for them and decided they needed a roof too. It was surprisingly fun. At first it was really hard and then I got the feel of it. It was very, very hot and I was sweating BUCKETS but it felt so fulfilling knowing that we were doing it for a family who needed it.
After work we had tacos at the YWAM staff team house and they were so good! Later on we worked on some skits with a few of the missionaries here and it was so fun! We used puppets and that was really great! I learned that being a puppeteer can make your arm really sore but it was worth it.
Before dinner we met up with some of the teens who live here and Mexico and are also doing missions work. We played a game to try and remember each other’s names… I wasn’t that good at it haha! We listened to worship music and a few of the girls and I danced a dance that we learned a long time ago to the song Lord you are good even though we couldn’t remember half of the steps. We went out to dinner after that with the teens and I was really nervous because I don’t know a lot of Spanish but in a weird way it broke the ice. We were both struggling to understand each other and it ended in a good amount of miscommunications, laughs, and we began to understand each other. I had a huarache for the first time today and it was bomb.com.
The day ended with cake and everyone singing happy birthday to me. All in all today was a great day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.


  1. Happy birthday Sydney!
    To the team:
    So good to see the posts and the pics! I know God is working through each of you.
    Be blessed and encouraged!
    Heather (Chris Alexander's Mom)

  2. Hi Sydney, HBD! It is great to read your post & keep up with everyone. Know that your work is not in vain. Glad to see that you all are also having much fun. I continue to pray for you & the team. Blessings to you all!
    Much love, Shenorva

  3. Happy 😊 birthday. Thanks for doing God's work.
    Aunt Cindy.

  4. Happy Birthday, Syd! I tried to send you this greeting several times, but for some reason, the computer wouldn't send it through! I had to comment using your account, so please don't be confused. : ) Anyway, here at home, we've been praying continuously for you and the team, and we are excited to hear more about what God is doing in and through you in Mexico. Love you much!

  5. That is awesome! I am so glad you all are having a fulfilling time! Happy birthday SYDNEY!