Sunday, March 29, 2015

Post from Chinira Washington

Hello All, 

Chinira here to tell you about my experience so far in Quintana Roo. 

On the first day of reading and talking to God through devotion, the team was asked to focus on 2 Corinthians for the whole trip. Day one of the devotion, I was reading and focused on comfort from Christ. I wrote down as a note to myself that you can’t give comfort to others if you don’t receive it from Christ first. This was something that God wanted to show me and I thank him for it. It was just the advice I needed for everyday life. Every day we have quiet time in the morning after breakfast. At first, I was nervous because I still needed to work on reading for myself every day and growing in my relationship with Christ but now I know that Christ has something for me and all I have to do is stop and listen to him in any way that he is communicating with me. I was, and still am excited to see what God has in store for me through this trip and I love that I am here not only building a relationship with God but with all of the people on the team who I’m glad to call my brothers, sisters, and friends of Christ. 

I have a funny/silly story to share with you. Yesterday night on our way to dinner it was raining and as I was walking to the restaurant I hear a dog behind a closed gate. I wasn’t paying any attention so when it barked at me I sprinted (yes I sprinted) to the restaurant and then as I was continuing to run, I slipped on the concreate (I am fine Thank God!). I couldn’t help but laugh when I got up because I thought the whole experience was funny but thrilling. Then at dinner a fly was sitting/eating Alli’s food so she had the idea that she could blow it off. When she experimented this idea, some of the food like cheese and lettuce flew on my clothes and kind of caught me off guard. Then, I kind of laughed after I brushed myself off. I love the people on my team and our relationship continually grows every day as we sing, dance, act, read, pray, and play jokes on each other. I don’t want to ever lose these amazing brothers and sisters of Christ. 

Prayer Request: Please continue to pray for each and every one of us as we continue to work and serve others and God.


  1. Chinira - Please tell Dante to change the color of the text on your blog. We can't read it.

    1. Sorry about that! It's been updated!